segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2022

Building NVIDIA packages for Debian using kernel 6.0

Finally kernel 6.0 has been released (  ) and it time to update my machine for this kernel.

But first I have to check if there is some catch. And I found one from NVIDIA: .  There is a recent NVIDIA driver but, when I was writing this, the last version available from Debian experimental is: 510.85.02-2. And I need 515.76.

So there are only two options. Patch 510.85.02 or get their source code from . I choose forking it.

There are a few differences between 510 and 515 but, after some time, I finally build all packages needed to update my system.

If you are impatient and you cannot wait Debian to release this version or you don't like to use NVIDIA installer. You can get the sources from: . Unfortunately I have only Ubuntu PPA's and there is no Debian equivalent. So you have to read the instructions for building all packages.

Have a nice week

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